Workshop in Budapest

The NEST workshop project in Budapest taught participants to structure, organize and design projects for supra-regional institutions to possibly fund for completion. 15 representatives from 9 organizations met for a training workshop in September 2017 in Budapest. The participants composed of Italians, Germans, Hungarians and Luxembourgers.
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10.10.2017 / 18 Uhr
Starkmacher, Fotos: Albrecht Birkner

The main lecturer Marco Provenziale captured the attention of everyone, leading them into an interactive session of ideas, methods and techniques for writing project proposals. The staff of the Italian education center "Centro La Pira" had prepared an intensive training program and led the participants into the basics of the project management, Structure of the European application and the methodology for the conception of international educational and cultural projects.

"We have learned from many examples how to get our project ideas in the right perspective. This workshop taught us how to develop a coherent overall concept and make it possible to achieve a lasting effect and to reach the widest possible circle of interested people," reports Albrecht Birkner the Starkmacher eV in Budapest.

Even though most of the time the group focused on classroom work and studying all the different methods, there was still a good amount of time in the evenings to get to know each other better, the group had time to explore the beautiful city of Budapet and to test some culinary specialties.  The next stage of the project group to Luxembourg.  Further information on the NEST project can be found here.

You may find further information on the NEST project HERE>>

Thanks for translation to Jeminah Ferrer-Birkner