YEEE - fighting youth unemployment

Eight partners from eight countries (DE, IT, HR, BG, KE, ARG, BR, PH) offer trainings, exchange of ideas and initiatives to fight youth unemployment together. The methodology: mutual visits with the aim to experience examples of successfull approaches and to get to know different possible solutions for fighting youth unemployment. Additionally, trainings including modules for informal and intercultural learning are offered.
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09.01.2016 / 10 Uhr
Starkmacher e.V.

Training weeks

The YEEE-project invites members of participating organisations from different countries and continents to take part in training weeks. Directly following the first unit of the training in Nairobi, participants had the opportunity to be part of the international congress of the "Economy of Communion".

The second unit took place in Italy. Here, amongst other things, it was the aim to pass on elements from the "Heidelberg competence training".

Video interviews

Within the project, interviews are made with young entrepreneurs from different countries, experienced business experts and young adults who have lots of creative and ambitious ideas to found their own companies. These interviews can be found on the project's Facebook Page.


Thanks to Friederike Klodwig for translation