Project call YoUbuntu

„YoUbuntu "aims at informing 18 young people from Berlin and Cape Town about global development, to promote a global community based on the Ubuntu philosophy and to train multipliers of sustainable ways of life. In two meetings, they will talk about the "Sustainable Development Goals", learn about future-oriented approaches and explore innovative examples of green entrepreneurship. They are coached in social, sustainable and entrepreneurial skills and develop their own ideas on the topic, which they implement locally.
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19.02.2018 / 17 Uhr

Topic:  Empowerment and Training in Green entrpreneurship and sustainable goals

Start of project : February 2018

End of project: September 2018

target group: young adults from Germany and South Africa

age of participants: 18-27 years

countries/regions: Germany and South Africa

Interest in green entrepreneurship and environment topics

Financiation: The project is financially supported by Engagement Global gGmbH with support from Federal Minitry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Participants just pay a personal share of 250,00 Euro for travel, accomodation and meals in Southafrica and 80,00 Euro for travel, accomodation and meals in Berlin. 

Deadline for application: until end of February 2018

More information about the project HERE>>

Application: directly via Email describing xour motivation to t.wald[a]