About us

Our vision

Our vision is that every young person can develop their full potential to make a positive impact on society.

Our mission

We offer educational programmes for young people that provide space for conflict-free encounters, self-efficacy and broadening of horizons. We engage in socially relevant fields of activity to sustainably strengthen young people as well as youth work professionals.

Working pillars

Our methodological approach, the 'Starkmacher principle' is the binding link and guiding principle of all activities. Through experiencing community, skills training and positive conflict resolution, the self-esteem of individuals is sustainably strengthened and new perspectives are developed. We as Starkmacher also see it as our task to integrate global connections, sustainable development and intercultural learning into the programmes.

We are convinced that we can only make ourselves strong together and mutually - we want to create space and platforms for this.

Four working pillars

Our projects and initiatives are based on the four programme pillars 'Starkmacher GLOBAL', 'Starkmacher GREEN', 'Starkmacher ECONOMY' and 'Starkmacher INTERACTIVE'.

Starkmacher GLOBAL

Starkmacher GLOBAL includes youth projects and activities that are implemented together with partners from Europe and the world in order to build bridges on an international level, solve conflicts together and actively work for a world of togetherness. Cooperation in partnership is the principle of implementation.

current projects: YoUbuntu 2020, YoUbuntu 2018, Creative Cacao, Plug In Nkile, Vukuzenzele, Wasser für Marsabit

Starkmacher GREEN

Starkmacher GREEN is the programme for youth projects in the field of education for sustainable development, ecology and sustainability. Starkmacher campaigns for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals at local and international level and supports regional associations, initiatives and networks for sustainability. 

current projects: Grünblick, Go Zero Danube 2019, StartUpcycling, Madie, Preset, Future Lab, EcoNavigation, Marea


Starkmacher INTERACTIVE creates space for exchange between people with all their strengths, interests, talents and potentials. Common values in connection with talents and strengths complement each other and ensure positive change in society through encounters and exchange. Within the framework of Starkmacher INTERACTIVE, young people experience empowering motivation on a local or global level, exchange ideas with people from different life situations and discover new potentials.

Aktuelle Projekte: GoRegional, Herzsprung, StarkamStart, SPOTS, Yourope matters, Living Diversity

Starkmacher ECONOMY

Starkmacher ECONOMY creates offers for economic education, training and development. We want to impart basic knowledge and entry-level skills to make it easier for young people to enter the world of business and work and to learn from good examples set by others. By linking theory and practice in a meaningful way, young people better understand the complex interrelationships of economy, politics and society. We support and promote young social entrepreneurs in setting up their own businesses, choosing the right apprenticeship place, the choice of studies or the choice of job and employer.

current projects: Future of Fair Finance, S-Hub Accelerator, Act4Impact, Start4change

Government recognition

Starkmacher is an independent youth welfare organisation in the field of youth work according to § 75 Social Code Book Eight (SGB VIII) and §§ 4 and 17 Youth Education Act (JBG).