Supporting the youth from Cape Town, shaping the future together

Together with the South African partner organisation Amava Oluntu, Starkmacher supports young people in taking challenges into their own hands and in working for a just society. Educational projects with a focus on employability and peace work are implemented in Vrygrond, a particularly resource-poor area in the Cape Town region.
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11.02.2021 / 17 Uhr
Teresa Boulle

Promoting cosmopolitanism and solidarity

Especially in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, our awareness of solidarity with the poorer among us has increased. The impact of the pandemic has had devastating effects in countries of the Global South that we can hardly imagine in Germany. Against this background, Starkmacher would like to make a significant contribution to supporting young people in the Global South.

Our commitment in South Africa is structured under the programme "Starkmacher GLOBAL", through which we work together with organisations, young people and professionals on an international level. The partnership with Amava Oluntu from South Africa enables regular exchange, knowledge transfer and strategic planning. Together we want to promote intercultural learning, strengthen the potential of young people and train them to become multipliers of social transformation. Our staff member, Teresa Boulle, has been working on site since August 2020 and supports the organisation in capacity building and youth work.

We are convinced that s this international cooperation shapes our awareness of global connections and creates empathy as well as new impulses for youth work locally and in Germany.

Strengthen future carriers

The focus of the youth work of the partner Amava Oluntu is on supporting young people from Vrygrond: The township is located 25 km south of Cape Town and is characterised by violence, gang crime, unemployment and drug abuse. At around 80%, unemployment is among the highest in the whole of Cape Town. The social and economic challenges of these youths still result from the apartheid era.

In this reality, only a few young people have a perspective on work and a future. It is difficult for them to believe in themselves and in better prospects. Amava Oluntu is not only committed to empowering these young people, but also to building bridges between rich and weak neighbourhoods. With local partners and initiatives, this builds trust and increasingly reconciliation.

Access to new networks enables social interaction and promotes the employability of young adults. Young people are trained in social entrepreneurship and communication so that they can shape a future worth living in a self-determined and independent way.

Broaden horizons

In addition to local support, there are many opportunities to get involved in the partnership and get to know the other country. People from both countries get to know each other in exchange programmes and youth encounters. Currently, 16 young adults from Germany and South Africa can participate in the YoUbuntu programme (2020-2021). In 2021, 4 young adults from Cape Town and Germany will be coached in communication and media work.

Further projects are being planned.

challenges for peace

The magazine Agiamondo presents Amava Oluntu in the January 2021 issue and gives insights into the work. Click here to read the report:


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We rely on financial support to implement the educational work in South Africa. In 2021, the focus is on the development of a youth centre (Spaza Hub) in Vrygrond. Donate to our commitment in South Africa. 100% of the donations go towards the organisational work of our partner Amava Oluntu.

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