GoRegional- Speedtalking in Edingen

We start the autumn with an initiative that comes from the pens of our participants in the digital theatre and engagement project ZipZapZoom. The "Speedtalking in the Block" on 25 September was aimed at the neighbourhood in Edingen-Neckarhausen. In principle set up like speed dating, speedtalking gave two people a few minutes to talk to each other, then the partner was swapped at the sound of a gong.
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11.11.2020 / 18 Uhr
Maria Landricina

Rolling the dice for a better community

The questions were written on colourful laminated cubes. For example, "What do you like about Edingen?" or "How do you imagine a good neighbourhood? The participants had a lot of fun on Friday getting to know other people better and also learning about themselves, what makes a good neighbourhood for them personally or what their greatest wish in life is.

Optimal conditions for a hygiene concept

The Edinger Messplatz was perfectly suited for the implementation of this event, taking into account the Corona rules: fresh air and good distance between the park benches. Despite the bad weather, the demand for further afternoons of this kind was very high.

From Zoom, on paper, to Edingen !

The idea for the speedtalking came up during the games and conversations of the interactive digital project ZipZapZoom. The questions for the speedtalking were formulated by the young people. They also wrote a request to the mayor of Edingen for permission to hold the event. An excerpt: "Our guiding theme is: "What is missing in our society? [...] With this project we hope that people will get to know each other better and that more humanity, respect and helpfulness can be brought into society.