MAREA- Meeting in Croatia

After an instructive and exciting MAREA training in Croatia, the MAREA meeting took place from 22.10. - 24.10.2021. The project leaders of the five MAREA partner organisations used the proximity to the training to work through open questions that arose during the training. First and foremost, the question of how the later project results can be consolidated and integrated into rural tourism was addressed. In the MAREA training, potential learning sites were visited and concrete training contents were presented. Based on this, concrete ideas were collected in the meeting, resources and stakeholders were identified and contents were discussed in order to adapt the training formats to the requirements of rural tourism. Pilot courses were worked on together and it was decided to implement them in each country with the target group in order to gain further and comparable insights.
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10.11.2021 / 16 Uhr

Marketing - The Neverending Story

In addition to the quality of the content, marketing also plays a decisive role. This was also dealt with intensively in the meeting. Above all, the positioning and establishment of the Rural Academy as a permanent platform was a major topic to which the project leaders devoted a lot of time. An important role is attributed to the videos of the "Neverending Story" series, which is why there was an intensive exchange about the videos already produced and suggestions for improvement were worked out. In addition, further topics for this video series were discussed and recorded. Finally, the MAREA partners discussed the intro and outro produced by the Belgian partner for the video series and gave comments. As the project leaders were very satisfied with the result and there were only a few comments, the first final video of the "Neverending Story" series will be put online soon.

The Hedona Chocolateria Social Enterprise

Together, the project leaders also visited the social enterprise Hedona, a chocolateria that employs people with physical or mental disabilities. Even though the areas are different, the visit still provided the project leaders with important insights into what is important when placing and establishing new ideas and ventures, especially in the Krizevci area. These insights were gathered and will be incorporated into the marketing of the subsequent learning sites.

Project perspective

After numerous discussions, exchanges and the collection of new insights, the schedule was adjusted due to the Corona situation. In particular, the next dates for the last project activities had to be finalised. Milestones were also set for the remaining project duration.

The MAREA project will continue in Italy at the end of March 2022 with the next and last training. The focus will be mainly on rural tourism. The presentation of the final project results of all partners will take place at the last meeting in August 2022 in Norway.

The MAREA project partners learned a lot about agriculture, rural areas and sustainability during the training. With this knowledge, the project partners were able to enrich the MAREA meeting and identify concrete projects and further steps and ideas, thus promoting European exchange.