MAREA-Meeting in Reggello, Italy

After an instructive and exciting MAREA training in Italy, the MAREA meeting took place from 04.04. - 07.04.2022. The project leaders of the five MAREA partner organisations used the proximity to the training to work through open questions that arose during the training. The question from the previous meeting in Croatia, how the later project results can be consolidated and integrated into rural tourism, was also taken up again and further concretised.
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14.04.2022 / 14 Uhr

rural tourism

The MAREA training itself focused on rural tourism. Potential learning locations were visited and concrete training contents were presented. Based on this, concrete ideas were collected in the meeting, resources and stakeholders were identified and contents were discussed in order to adapt the training formats to the requirements of rural tourism. The work done so far on the pilot courses was reflected upon and coordinated among each other.

Determine final work steps

As the project is coming to an end, the milestones were worked on intensively once again. As the final project results will be presented in the final meeting in Norway in mid-August 2022, it was important to define the final steps to achieve the goals. For this purpose, all three outcomes - the curriculum, the database and the videos - were dealt with intensively by comparing the status quo with the project results to be achieved. Based on the remaining discrepancy, the final work steps were worked out. The remaining tasks were coordinated among themselves and then distributed among the partners. In fruitful discussions and intensive exchanges, the partners drew up a detailed timetable in which all remaining tasks are noted with a precise deadline, so that nothing stands in the way of a successful presentation of the project results at the multiplier event in Norway.

Planning the multiplier events

In general, the two remaining multiplier events in Croatia and Norway were also given time during the meeting. As the impressions from the multiplier event in Italy were still very present in all project leaders, the insights gained were used to plan the other two events. The planned contents were coordinated among each other so that the presentation of the project results would fit the settings of the responsible partners, the location of the multiplier events and the overall project.

„Il Poderaccio“: An "old familiar" place of learning

Despite the intensive working hours, the project leaders did not miss the opportunity to visit the learning site "Poderaccio" together. The agritourism farm is a long-standing part of the network of the Italian partner Veraterra and as such an important partner in the MAREA project. For many of the project leaders it was also a return, as some had already visited the farm in the European projects "MADIE" and "Start4Change". With the involvement in MAREA and the use of the curriculum, the project leaders were now able to see for themselves how the potential of "Poderaccio" can be used as a place of learning. These findings will be used in the development of further learning spaces.

The MAREA project partners learned a lot about rural tourism, rural areas and sustainable agriculture during the training. With this knowledge, the project partners were able to enrich the MAREA meeting and identify concrete projects and further steps and ideas, thus promoting European exchange.