Media4You is starting in Libanon

Ende August startet die erste Reise des Jugendbegegnungsprojekt Media4you im Libanon.
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13.09.2022 / 09 Uhr

Media as a positive mirror of society

The 25 participants of the project came together in Beirut in the district of Ain Aar to exchange for a week on the topic of social media and its effects. The participating organisations came from Lebanon, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Egypt.

In addition to exciting programme items such as interactive media lectures, video shooting workshops, tourist excursions to Byblos and Beirut were also undertaken.

Giving NGOs a face

The main part of the programme was a video challenge, which aimed to show the work of social organisations. Four locally operating NGOs came to the youth and young adults and introduced themselves, then groups were formed according to preferences, so that each of the participants found the right NGO for them.

The next day, the NGOs were visited on site in their daily work. The goal for the Video Challenge was to film as much and, above all, usable material as possible in order to produce a film about the work of the NGOs.An expert in film production was on hand to answer the participants' questions or to help them with problems. After the visits to the individual NGOs, editing and cutting the films were on the agenda. This time-consuming work was carried out by the individual groups with a lot of commitment and patience. Finally, the finished films were presented to the general public and a "winner" was chosen.

What´s coming next

The week was very well received by all participants and above all the sense of community and togetherness were in the foreground. The Media4you project still has 2 more youth exchange meetings to offer this year, from 21-27 October there will be a meeting in Alexandria, Egypt. The project will end in Portugal in November 2022.

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