Project presentation at the German-Jordanian University in Amman

On 4 November, the International Day against Violence and (Cyber)bullying in Schools, proclaimed by the UNESCO Commission, the project leaders of Starkmacher and Caritas Jordan were able to publicly present the project to promote non-violent conflict management and participation in Jordanian schools. The Jordanian Minister of Education was the patron of the project presentation.
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10.11.2021 / 17 Uhr

Presence from politics, church and society

The host was the German-Jordanian University, Department of Social Work. We were very pleased that representatives from politics, church and society took part, including a state secretary from the Ministry of Education, the permanent representative of the German ambassador in Jordan and religious dignitaries. Students from the Department of Social Work, other NGOs and the professional public also took part.

Impressive résumé

This provided a great opportunity to present the project, which is now coming to an end. Particularly impressive were the statements of pupils who are involved as peer mediators; one of the teachers involved reported that the atmosphere at her school has changed noticeably. The schools want to continue, but they also need support for this, as the teacher impressively warned. Basically, it was also a matter of discussing how the violence prevention approaches can be spread to other schools after the project ends. Here, the schools hope for strong support from the Ministry of Education.

The project already has a strong ally in the Department of Social Work. A very committed professor has invited the Caritas staff to hold workshops for her students.

Here is a link to facebook entries about the project:

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