Project supervision trip in Goma DR Congo

At the beginning of March 2022, Stephan Wolf from Starkmachern was on a project support trip to Goma (DR Congo) to assess the progress of the project and to discuss and plan further action with the local partners.
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19.03.2022 / 09 Uhr

Crisis region Kongo

There are currently 4.5 million internally displaced persons living in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are severely threatened by poverty. For years, the region has been rocked by crime, kidnapping, abductions and murder.

Hope for the people

Starkmacher e.V. wants to help these people secure their future. As part of the project, a vocational school for tailors and computer scientists is being built. In addition, a cooperative is to be created that will give several tailors the opportunity to expand their skills through joint work and to find a larger market in order to secure their income with which they can feed their families. In addition, we train people to become multipliers in order to gain knowledge about microcredit. In this way, many more people can be reached through awareness-raising measures.

Building infrastructure

The project started in December 2020 and will be accompanied by Starkmacher e.V. for the next three years with the aim of continuing it independently. As part of the project, 2 buildings and a fence were constructed. A solar system has been installed to provide independent power supply and connection to the public water network is also guaranteed. The progress of the construction work was examined during the project monitoring trip and the challenges and problems encountered during the implementation of the investments were described by the partners in order to find joint solutions for the next two project years.

Also the participants of the tailoring courses and the IT training did not miss the opportunity to welcome the guest from Germany and to demonstrate their acquired knowledge. The atmosphere around the project is very good and all staff, participants and other committed people are happy to be at work. In total, Starkmacher e.V. has created 8 jobs with this project in Goma.

In the next two project years, the main focus will be on offering training for seamstresses and IT training. In addition, permanent structures are to be supported with the aim of founding a cooperative. Together, the aim is to ensure the long-term independent and economically stable operation of the project.