Yourope matters- Liveshow: Hopesongs for Europe

Spreading hope and optimism, promoting European values - this motivated the young musicians from NRW (Dominik Maxelon, Tarik Mujadzic, Katharina Schedlinksi, Atem Morfaw, David Janßen and Johann Janßen) as well as the musician Judy Bailey with her husband Patrick Depuhl to a live show on the evening of 26 August.
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04.11.2020 / 17 Uhr
Dominik Maxelon

Setting an example for cosmopolitanism, tolerance and respect

Together with young people from different parts of Germany and with the support of the Federal Press Office and the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, the group around Dominik from Starkmacher e.V. organised a 90-minute live show with music - from ballads to groovy pop songs - and moving contributions from people with refugee experience and young people of different skin colours who reported on experiences with everyday racism. Dominik, 22, student in Münster, makes music and is involved in various networks for solidarity, for an open society without discrimination and exclusion: "Europe has achieved so many great things. In the social debate and in our minds, this is not so present. With this show, we want to set an example for cosmopolitanism, tolerance and respect. As part of the #Youropematters project (of Starkmacher e.V.s), which wants to offer young people a platform to become active as influencers for European values."

Sea-Watch as an example of standing up for European values

Sandra Bils, Protestant pastor and spokesperson for the alliance "united4rescue", reports from the rescue ship Sea-Watch, which rescued over 200 people from distress at sea in the Mediterranean in the days before the broadcast: "It shows what European solidarity means."

Young people tell their stories

In the streaming, several people - mainly young people - from different parts of Europe had their say. They gave insights into their lives on the run, reported on how they deal with arbitrary hostility and exclusion. Dominik formulates the aim of the action: "This is to provide a new view of Europe and to encourage reflection and participation. Each of us has influence - you are important! That's what we want to convey."

Missed the show?

All those who were unable to watch this lively live show but would like to see it afterwards can do so at

Institutional support

The event is being held with the support of the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government as part of the Federal Government's public relations work.