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Four young people from Germany and South Africa have the opportunity to live in the other country for three months and to summarily learn the work of each project partner. Partners are the German Starkmacher e.V. and the South African Non-Profit Organization DreamWorker.
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15.02.2016 / 10 Uhr
Starkmacher Fotos: R.T. Kühnle, K.Wieland, Rudis Fotoseite (

Promote the employability of youth

The participants of the project partners explore the various approaches, challenges and opportunities of youth employment in the two countries. The aim is then to develop and implement innovative measures for youth employment.

Platform for information and exchange

Participants conduct research of the existing employment measures for young people, to get an idea of ​​the means offered by both partners and to discover ideal methods through visits to local organizations. They will document their findings in a comprehensive report which will be posted on an online platform. They should be made public, especially among organizations that are active in the field of youth employment. This encourages mutual exchange where possible synergies are identified and utilized. Furthermore, the global perspective creates a greater awareness of global concerns.


Thanks for translation to Helay Safri, Nane Pelke, Adriaan Madikisa and Ayanda Ngcozie


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