Community Changermaker 2030

The project "Community Changemaker 2030" trains 5 young adults from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region to become changemakers in their community and experts in strength-based work, climate-friendly action and storytelling. They are coached and trained in the methods of project management, ABCD and storytelling. The Community Changemaker 2030 project aims to equip young people with essential competences that contribute to the transformation towards climate protection and diversity on a local and global level. Young people are trained in project management: they learn how to respond to local challenges and how to find and facilitate their own solutions.
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29.11.2021 / 15 Uhr
Nick Bosch


The project includes an intensive exchange with the South African partner group, as well as cross-border mobility experiences that broaden global perspectives and foster empathy building. Strength-based methods and the focus on storytelling enable the collection of success stories, which are disseminated within the framework of an intensive communication strategy together with the project group.The following measures are mainly carried out in Mannheim. The project group is expected to fly to South Africa in February to broaden the perspective, experience global learning first hand and explore challenges in the field of climate and migration in this other country.

A central component is the implementation of their own project: the 5 group members will receive a contingent of 3000€ to implement their own project. In doing so, they can practically experience how a project can be successfully implemented. The project must relate to the topics of constructive communication to promote climate protection and diversity.

Project management

To enable youth participation, young people need skills to plan and implement their own projects. In doing so, they acquire key competences that help them considerably in their future and career orientation. Starkmacher has over 15 years of experience in project management and it is part of its mission to pass on this knowledge to young people and thereby promote resilience and personal development.

ABCD – Asset Based Community Development

Asset Based Community Development builds on the resources available in the locality and mobilises individuals, associations and institutions to come together to identify and develop their strengths (rather than focusing on deficits). Identified strengths are brought together with people or groups who have an interest in or need for these strengths. The South African partner Amava Oluntu shares this methodology with the Strong Maker, which is interested in embedding this strengths-based approach in organised youth projects.

Most Significant Change (MSC)-technique

MSC is a form of participatory monitoring and evaluation. It involves the collection and selection of stories about changes stimulated by project participants. It is a form of impact assessment where we use video and stories as tools for qualitative data collection and evaluation of the project.

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