Creative Cacao

The "Creative Cacao" project offers seven partners from five different countries (Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Italy and Germany) the opportunity to exchange practices, experiences and expertise within the production and supply chain of the raw material cocoa. It aims to offer young people, especially from rural areas, new perspectives for work and employment and to encourage them to become sustainable entrepreneurs.
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20.01.2020 / 12 Uhr

Creating future perspectives

The main aim of the project is to offer young people, especially from rural areas in cocoa-producing countries, a realistic and attractive perspective for work and prosperity, so that the temptation to leave rural areas and move to the cities, where youth unemployment in particular condemns them to a lack of opportunities, does not arise in the first place.

To this end, young people in Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia in particular are invited to attend training courses, get to know the cocoa market in its wide variety of job opportunities and discover it as an entrepreneurial perspective for themselves.

Producers and consumers in direct contact

Germany and Italy are also on board as project countries and should help to establish a link between the two ends of the production and supply chain: Producers, distributors of end products and consumers are to get to know each other and come into direct personal contact to exchange needs and potential.

Theory and practical experience

An important focus of the project is the interactive and multi-track knowledge transfer. The partners contribute experience from both formal and non-formal education and complement theoretical knowledge transfer with practical exercises and internships in initiatives and companies at various stages of the production chain from cocoa cultivation to the manufacture of chocolate and other end products.

Project stages

The project is divided into various international training steps: one of them in Brazil, a second in Colombia, a third in Italy. The program is then supplemented by so-called "job shadowings" in Bolivia: training sessions for interested participants in order to get to know companies, observe and assess working practices on site and experience international exchange on a professional and cultural level.

All results and experiences are documented on a separate project website and made available to the public.

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