Digidingsda - or how do we do youth social work today?

Digital youth social work - how can it work effectively? This is precisely the topic that Starkmacher e.V. is addressing together with the actors in youth social work. The actors from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region are given the opportunity to actively exchange ideas on the topic of digitalisation and digitality, to acquire knowledge and to find support in its application. They become co-designers of their digital working world.
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31.08.2021 / 14 Uhr
Chantal Licht

The challenges - and then came Corona

We all quickly realised that in these times of rapid change, a "normal" way of working that was familiar to us was no longer possible. Especially those involved in youth social work were faced with new challenges. Children and young people, primarily with special life situations, could no longer be reached in the familiar way. At the same time, there were the personal challenges of digitalisation - home office, family management, lack of technical possibilities, lack of digital knowledge are some examples. All this in combination led to a feeling of inability to act, powerlessness and stress. The actors who were used to working analogue no longer felt able to do their work in a way that was appropriate for the target group. A lose-lose situation for all involved that continues to this day.

The vision - digitally strengthened together

The project aims to bundle different needs and requirements in order to create results for better working with the end target group. The combination of technical participation, knowledge transfer, with simultaneous involvement of the actors and the children and young people ensures that all participants can move more self-effectively and safely in the digital space. An active community building leads to an exchange with actors from the most diverse youth social work areas and creates a digital togetherness from which everyone benefits. Listening, perceiving, developing together, networking and creating synergies are important to promote a new, effective approach in the metropolitan region. Hybrid working methods with a balanced mix of analogue and digital open up new opportunities for youth social work - if a mindful approach is ensured for all involved.

The online platform - bringing everyone together

The jointly developed results are collected in a digital, living platform. In the last step, a digital youth meeting place with the possibility of exchange and individual counselling/offers for the young people will be implemented as a pilot offer. A strong, self-organising community or network is the pillar of these online offers.

Institutional support

As part of the EU initiative REACT-EU and the ESF federal programme, the project "Digidingsda - or how do we do youth social work today?" is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration Baden-Württemberg.


Are you an actor in youth social work or are you at home in the field of media education, digital skills or similar and would like to learn more about this project? Then feel free to contact the project management here.

Chantal Licht: c.licht@starkmacher.eu


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