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Providing new perspectives for a sustainable future and a future-oriented society to young citizens and contributing to the inclusion of refugees and marginalized young people: this is the focus of the project "Future Lab" and its three intercultural youth exchanges in the Danube region.
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20.03.2017 / 15 Uhr

The project "Future Lab" aims at strengthening young people of the Danube region by working together with them to develop sustainable future perspectives. For this purpose, they will lay down their own wishes and talents and develop them further. In various workshops and excursions the young people from the Danube countries can connect, exchange and learn from each other.

The international youth meetings take place in Croatia, Ukraine and Germany. The project creates a platform to work together across countries, to mobilize and build sustainable connections. This exchange can be a significant contribution to international understanding. The young people can overcome prejudices and their own limits, build new bridges and find common areas of interest.

Develop an entrepreneurial or social project

"Future Lab" gives the participants space to be coached in social, sustainable and entrepreneurial aspects. They develop their own idea or project, e.g. for a startup or a communal social project to shape the future positively.


Focus on environment and sustainability

When choosing a career path, the topics environment, nature and sustainability are becoming more and more important, so it will also be an important focus in this project. The participants will meet experts, discuss challenges and experience examples of good practice in field trips.


Target group

Target group at the age of 18 to 25 years:

Young people in transition from school to work

Young adults who need guidance and empowerment

Young people with special needs



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