Young people meet in Croatia

From the 21st to the 25th of August, 25 young people from Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Ukraine and Croatia met in Krizevzi, a small town 1h north of Zagreb. "One world. One Future! ": following this motto, the group was discussing and developing ideas of how to shape the world sustainably for a bright future.
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01.01.1970 / 01 Uhr

Participants between 18 and 27 years participated in various workshops and developed their own ideas, which they presented as a pitch.The focus was on the topics green entrepreneurship, sharing economy and sustainable living. The exchange between the youth has shown that awareness of the effects of environmental damage is often not present. That is why the young people got invited to a contest, the Future Lab Award, in which they implement their own ideas at home and make them known through social media. The best ideas will be rewarded with a trip to Germany to the last meeting of the project "Future Lab".A special feature of this project is the development of the project contents on international level in a team of 5 partner organizations.The next youth meeting will take place with other participants in Kiev with a special focus on social entrepreneurship.

You can find out more about the project FutureLab HERE>>


For translation thanks to Teresa Wald.