Connecting networks

At the beginning of March 2018, 25 participants from Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine and Germany participated in the project "FutureLab" in Mannheim and Stuttgart. In this last stage, they took stock of their previous connections, looked beyond their own network and made plans for a future of good networks.
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18.05.2018 / 10 Uhr

The focus this year was again on sustainability and social entrepreneurship. In this week, the emphasis was lying on building a sustainable network among the young adults, which can continue beyond the project.
Some of the participants were already involved in other project stages. They had qualified in an internal project competition for this last encounter in Germany. The "Future Lab Award" was given to participants who developed and implemented a social, sustainable and green action on local level.

Meeting with social entrepreneurs

In the first part of the meeting at the Starkmachers' location in Mannheim, participants met Helmut, who presented his "Map for Tomorrow", as well as Lilly, who talked about the network "Social Entrepreneurship Baden-Württemberg". In small workshops, the participants were able to get to know various tools of project design and develop their ideas for meaningful and sustainable actions, initiatives or start-ups.

Participation in the "Social Innovation Summit"

For the second part of the program, the group then moved to Stuttgart and participated in the first "Social Innovation Summit" in Germany. There were lectures and interactive inputs on Social Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy or Future Trends, each with the opportunity to be discussed in small groups. For the young project participants, it was an impressive meeting with almost 400 young social entrepreneurs from all over Europe. But it also managed to build the necessary bridges to their own lives, to draw a personal conclusion and to make plans for implementations in the home country.

Handbook for non-formal education

After three international meetings, each with a different cast, the partners have now established a good network of dedicated young adults who want to engage in long-term social and green initiatives.
In June, a handbook will be published presenting methods and approaches of non-formal education with a focus on young and social entrepreneurship, sustainability and empowerment.