Media needs talents

Empowering children, young people and adults who are able to deal competently with the issue of cyber bullying - this is what "media needs talents" is all about. Sensitising and imparting knowledge by international acknowledged instruments such as "peer mediation" and "no blame approach" - this is how schools shall be supported strategically.
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22.12.2015 / 17 Uhr
Starkmacher Fotos: Anne Garti (s/w), Ingo Bernhard (Strand)

European network

Training and policy concepts are developed in collaboration with project partners from Poland, Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia and then implemented transnationally. In doing so, each concept will be adjusted to local realities and integrated in the particular cultural surrounding.


Working on different levels

"Promotion": creative and social competent dealing of digital media shall be promoted and trained. This is about positive and constructive usage for all target groups: children,young people and adults.

"Prevention": already existing peer mediation clubs in schools shall be sensitized about the topics cyber bullying and violence in social networks. In doing so, conflicts will be recognized at an early stage and conflicts can be solved by students themselves, before bullying even arises.

"Intervention": with „no blame approach“, teachers and educators will be given an instrument to intervene in bullying and cyber bullying cases. Punishment of perpetrator isn’t viewed as right resolution. Instead the so called protagonist (perpetrator) and his/her bystanders (so called colluders) are included in the process to reintegrate the victim (so called affected person).



Internationales Youth Festival

There is an International Youth Festival in April 2016, whereby representatives of all project partners are invited to Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy, to present all already existing creative media products. This is an opportunity for international networking and cultural exchange among participating youth and teachers. A large audience has access to this project by livestream broadcast of this event.

Media campaign

The whole project will be accompanied by a broadly conceived campaign in social networks to spread constructive approaches to a broad audience. For this purpose, creative contributions of all partners will be used as well as additional video clips.

Official start of the campaign will be November 20, 2016: Universal Children’s Day.



Thanks for Translation to Sara Baumgarten