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The GoRegional project offers theatre and experiential education activities and develops a project together with young people in which they can experience social participation in practice. GoRegional wants to encourage young people from Baden-Württemberg to actively shape society in their local environment.
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03.11.2020 / 17 Uhr
Maria Landricina

How do we want to live together? How can I participate?

The project "GORegional" creates encounters between a wide variety of young people and encourages them to actively participate in social processes with their ideas and to initiate changes. Young people with and without a migration background become aware of their strengths in the discussion about expectations, fears and ideas and get an idea of how these can be actively introduced into the regional environment.

The project "GO Regional" is based on a seminar offer ("Ich check das mal") consisting of three parts. "Ich check das mal" is a modular workshop offer for young people from Baden-Württemberg on the topic of democracy and participation.

Module 1: Basic module

In the basic module, topics on everyday life in Germany are taught and the political structures and the role of civil society are discussed. In a first, interactive workshop, teachers, artists and political education instructors work with the young people to find out which values are important to them. Using theatre as a means of expression, we discuss and experience the influence and creative possibilities that each individual has in a democracy and how he or she can represent their interests.

The first module has already been implemented in virtual space via ZOOM, under the motto: ZipZapZoom/GoRegional goes digital!

Module 2: Participatory experience

In a second workshop module, the focus is on joint practical experience in a concrete engagement project. The young people are encouraged and enabled to implement their own project ideas. For example, one group implemented a so-called "Speedtalking" in Edingen.



Module 3: reflection

In the third module, they reflect on what they have experienced and think together about future possibilities for civil society engagement. How did it feel to become active and contribute to society? What other possibilities are there for participation, sometimes on a permanent basis? The reflection process leads to an outlook and gives the participants a perspective for their further participation process.

Target group and methodology

The workshop concept is aimed at young people from Baden-Württemberg with and without a migration background, with refugee experience and with and without a handicap aged between 14 and 25. The aim of the project is to encourage young people to actively shape society. Theatre or a participatory theatre approach can be a possible element to experience participation on a small scale and to acquire competences for active co-determination.

In concrete terms, GoRegional thus includes:

- Units on political education

- theatre education

- experiential education

- Practical experience through own participation projects or visits to local institutions of civil society engagement.

- Reflection process with development of perspectives

- Practical experience/visits to local voluntary organisations.


The project is implemented in cooperation with the Landeszentrale der politischen Bildung Baden-Württemberg (LpB).

The project is funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).