GoZero Danube

The youth project "Go Zero, Danube!" contributes to a clean and healthy Danube, involving the affected countries. In three international youth meetings, the youth will dive into the topics of waste prevention, upcycling and zero waste and learn practical solutions developed to protect the planet.
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11.01.2019 / 14 Uhr

The Danube, the "most multinational" river in the world, is constantly threatened by new sources of pollution. According to a recent Austrian study, one of the biggest sources of pollution is microplastics, which above all threaten fish and fish larvae. It is estimated that about 40 tons of microplastics are transported annually through the river

Finding solutions together

In four meetings with 15- 20 young people from the Danube region, the participants discuss current problems of waste reduction and try to tackle the challenge. They get to know green start-ups and young entrepreneurs in the field of environmental protection and sustainable consumption. The meetings include experiential educational elements, Zero Waste self-sufficiency, workshops, an open event and social media activities. Together with the participants, a website and a toolkit with the results will be developed and published.

Promoting European citizenship

The topic of environment and waste prevention affect everyone and may be an opportunity to break down intercultural barriers and to meet with young adults from different European countries at eye level. It is about exploring new ways of sustainable coexistence, regardless of origin and language.

The groups will be accompanied by experienced team leaders who are already experienced in the field. The young people are encouraged to participate in networks on long term perspective and to participate in educational work beyond the project as multipliers.

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