GreenUp Bridges

GreenUp Bridges is an exchange with young people from Germany and Turkey that takes place from the 6.11. to the 12.11.2017 in Berlin. The group meets in order to develop perspectives together for entrepreneurial action in the area of ​​sustainability. They are important, not only because of recent political events and, unfortunately, still existing prejudices and discrimination, but rather to strengthen the sense of cohesion between members of both peoples.
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11.09.2017 / 15 Uhr

Promoting environmental protection

20 young adults from both Germany and Turkey between the ages of 18 and 25 can participate in this project week. The aim of the project is to train young people in the principles and basics of green start-ups. The project is funded under the program „Austausch in Berufsvorbereitung und beruflicher Bildung“ (engl. "Exchange in Vocational Training").
During the project week, the participants can deepen their knowledge on sustainable topics and are trained to start their own business. In addition, excursions are offered to get to know exciting start-ups and to develop creative ideas on how wasted items can be reused creatively and useful.

Increase personal skills

The project aims at offering the participants a sustainable and healthy perspective of the future and to encourage them to believe in their abilities and to take initiative themselves. The young adults get to know people with similar interests and from another culture and have the opportunity to make cross-border friendships. They also acquire further skills and competences in general, that can help them with their professional career.


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