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From November 6th to 12th, a German-Turkish meeting took place in Berlin. 10 young people from Germany and 10 from Turkey met in the project “GreenUp Bridges” and got an insight into the green professional world, especially in green start-ups. Together with its partner 'Konya Metropolitan Municipality Kilicarslan Youth Center' from Turkey, this week aimed at informing young adults about the basics of green entrepreneurship and sustainability.
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23.11.2017 / 20 Uhr
Starkmacher, Fotos: Teresa Wald

It included inspirational discussions and presentations on topics such as future trends, founding steps and innovative thinking. The group visited best-practice green start-ups and sustainable initiatives such as the "Sirplus", a food-saving store, the “Kulturlabor Trial & Error”, a collective for sustainable projects and the "Treehouse", a place for "green activism".

Interesting was the exchange about the challenges of young people in the search for a job in both countries. Selman from Konya explained that although many small businesses are established in their homeland, they fail early due to lack of competence and know-how. By contrast, according to Ronja from Stutensee, young people in Germany tend to be less willing and motivated to take the risk of starting their own business. There are too many job opportunities and opportunities in the industry where people still have a good chance of getting a job.

Talking about these "neutral" issues was a good way of dialogue between cultures without stressing politically biased positions. A highlight of the meeting was the public event in the "Treehouse", where people could exchange their ideas and experiences about the climate change situation in both countries.

The visit of the Turkish embassy and the invitation to tea with sweet Turkish pastries at the ambassador of Turkey was a special experience for all. He invited the young people to meet and get to know each other personally. He also invited the German group to Konya to deepen the exchange.The positive impact on Sura, a participant from Konya, stands for the success of this meeting: Strengthened and encouraged by the project "GreenUp Bridges", she is currently in the start-up phase of her own design and shop for second-hand clothing.


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