Grünblick - a perspective for green jobs

The educational project "Grünblick" supports young people aged 16-25 who are looking for professional orientation. Starkmacher organises practice-oriented work camps in 9 different occupational fields. One focus is on raising awareness for sustainability aspects of the respective occupational fields. During the work camps, the young people deal with their own perspectives, strengths and career aspirations in order to develop an understanding of the occupational fields in which both their interests and their potential lie.
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11.11.2020 / 14 Uhr

Discover 9 professional fields

For three years, Starkmacher e.V. supports a total of 360 participants in their professional and personal development through practice-oriented work camps (10-15 participants per work camp). The occupational fields of the one-week work camps include renewable energy, nutrition, agriculture, city and community, media, consumption, water, forest, economy and finance. In the work camps, the young people get practical insights into the different occupational fields. Whether it's building a traditional wooden boat or their own wooden windmill, getting to know an eco-village from the inside or making a sustainable documentary, for example. The work camps are interactive and offer a lot of space to try things out and get involved.

Raising awareness for sustainability

One focus of the work camps is on raising awareness of sustainability issues. In doing so, the participants deal with the Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. They also deal with the question of how far the respective occupational fields have changed in recent years and how they have to change in view of global challenges such as climate change in order to be able to contribute to a green and sustainable working world.

Personal life journey

In addition to the practical content, the participants deal with their personal life path in a very concrete way. In the process, the participants deal with the questions of how their career aspirations can be combined with the topic of sustainability, or which training or studies correspond to the interests of the participants. In joint discussions, reflections and professional coaching, the participants have to deal with their own potentials, strengths, talents and dreams. Another component of the workshops is gender-appropriate career orientation. In this way, the project wants to dispel clichés of typical male or female professions and convey a neutral view of potential jobs.

Dates & costs

Further information on the dates and registration can be found at http://www.grü The costs for participation are covered by the funding body. Thus, there are no costs for participation.

Institutional support

"Grünblick" is funded under the ESF federal programme "Promoting Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development. Via green key competences to climate and resource-friendly action at work - BBNE" by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the European Social Fund.