Malaika Mihambo is a world champion in the long jump and is committed to helping children of primary school age in her free time. She wants to pass on some of her energy, her optimism, her passion for nature and our planet. With Starkmacher e.V., she has developed short online training sessions in which she does movement training together with children every day. In addition, she reveals a little secret of her success in each training session, so that others can also discover the "world champion" in themselves and make them strong.
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Discovering the world from home

Children grow up in a multimedia world and develop an early awareness of nature, the animal and plant world, but also of successful or problematic social interaction. Often the youngest children are particularly sensitive to good social interaction, discover at an early age what they are good at and flourish when they are encouraged in this. This is exactly what Malaika wants to do with her project "Herzsprung": To show children what they are capable of, to inspire them for sports, games and exercise, but also for good social interaction and a balanced community.

Equal weight for indoors and outdoors

Through daily simple sports and movement exercises, but also through small lessons from her "school of the heart" Malaika explains to the young world explorers how man and nature are connected, how one can find one's inner centre and relax properly, how one can direct one's concentration and strength towards a single goal and achieve goals that one would never have thought possible.

Motto for every day

Each day of the online training is themed according to the focus of the content. The children learn important techniques in a playful way, understand connections, and can immediately experience with practical implementation what makes Malaika strong and can also bring her further in life. The focus is on self-awareness and resilience, i.e. the ability to withstand difficult moments, but also on mindfulness and commitment to others.

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...at www.herzsprung-live.de there will be an online training session with Malaika Mihambo every day from 31.03.2020 onwards.