Young people working together on refugees topic

The Host Spot project promotes the intercultural youth projects on the theme of migration. For this purpose several partner organizations work together and met for a seminar at Bad Urach in Germany.
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13.06.2017 / 16 Uhr

“The refugees are not numbers that fill the news but are people to be welcomed in their human dimensions as women and men who have been denied sentiments and projects.”

This was the conviction reached by the 18 youths of five European and Middle East countries that gathered in Bad Urach from 12 to 17 March for the second phase of the Host Spot project, promoted by New Humanity and Starkmacher together with other associations, and co-financed by the Erasmus+ (EU) programme.

Host Spot targets two objectives: Host focuses on hosting programmes, and Spot on the achievement of brief video-documents to influence public opinion.

After the first gatherin in a refugee camp in Jordan, the Bad Urach meeting focused on developing in the youth, the technical competences in the field of communication and production of social documentaries. Some experts were present and worked in direct contact with the refugees. The refugees furnished them with a lot of information on the situation in Germany, and the European hosting system. This was an important contribution to the diffusion of correct knowledge of the situation, often reported by the media in a partial and manipulated way.

The success of this phase of the program consisted in the achievement of an international learning session in an atmosphere of sharing among youths of various languages and cultures. Through workshops, seminars, and debates, a lot of prejudice and stereotypes were disproved, with the discovery that despite the diversities, there are many values in common. As a concrete result, three video spots were produced to be shared with the peers of their countries, to encourage them to make similar experiences, and thus become promoters of change.