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This project aims at merging sustainability, diversity and occupation for young people. Youth workers from Italy, Croatia, Poland and Germany share their experiences and visit examples of best practice in order to learn from the European exchange.
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27.06.2017 / 12 Uhr

Eating - living - working: This would probably be the three most important and basic needs, most people would mention. Today, young people would add a fourth basic need: sustainability.

New basic need: Sustainability

Looking at our future, sustainability becomes more and more important in youth work and should be integrated into all spheres of life in a natural way. The project aims at promoting a sustainable way of living and to render it more attractive especially for young people with special needs.

Giving access to "green jobs"

Another big challenge is the arrival of refugees and migrants who are looking for a place to work and live in Europe. We have to find new ways to help them find a job and to support them in coping with the everyday life in our countries. "Green jobs” will become more and more important in the future, that is why the project tries to open this sector especially to young people.

Project steps

The project offers 3 international exchanges in Italy (30.3.-04.04.2017 in Loppiano), Poland (28.06.-03.07.2017 in Cieszyn) and Germany (9.-13.10.2017 in Bad Urach) for 25 participants each.


Youth workers with the following core items:

  • young people between school and work
  • young people with special needs

  • refugees

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