The aim of this project is to train young people to become positive bridges between Turkey and Germany. Köprü is Turkish and Brücke is German – both words mean bridge. The project name Köbrücke thus connects languages talking about building new bridges. During two youth exchanges we want to create a platform of new relationships, intercultural exchange and friendship between Turkish and German young citizens.
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14.06.2016 / 17 Uhr

This project is offered to 22 youth with and without migration background coming from rural regions of Baden Württemberg and Hatay.

In Turkey, the focus of the meeting from the 12th to the 19th of July is on the intercultural coexistence in the region. Under the motto "tolerance for diversity", the participants visit various ethnic and religious groups and take part in activities in the city.

The second encounter of the 19th to the 23rd of September in Germany is dedicated to the exchange of the Turkish migration history in Germany and provides opportunities to learn the lives of young people acquainted with Turkish background in Baden Württemberg.

The project activities will be accompanied by media workshops that involves a media campaign and a fundraising campaign for victims of terror in eastern Turkey.

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