Let's bridge!

The project promotes the exchange, interaction and participation of young people from the Danube region. Eight young people at the age of 18 to 25 years from Germany and Ukraine start their road trip in Germany and visit Passau, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia and Odessa. The program is filled with encounters with young people and politicians from the Danube countries, workshops and exchanges on democracy, peace education, culture of remembrance and political participation.
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24.02.2016 / 16 Uhr

Correct cultural stereotypes

In the eyes of many youth abroad, Germany appears as almost perfect and flawless. Local problems and challenges are not communicated and not shown realistically. Conversely, we only know a few things of the life in Ukraine which are mainly focusing on reports about the precarious political and economic situation.

The joint trip with the final goal in Ukraine gives the chance to look behind the scenes of these clichés: The youth can experience each other’s perspectives and ideas while driving around and get an insight into the true conditions in the other party: unfiltered and largely unaffected by the national media activities.

Blogging and Social Media

Main activities will include the documentation of the daily impressions, experiences and knowledge and the dissemination of the results in social networks such as the dedicated website and Facebook page.

Intercultural competence and civic engagement

"We have a voice and can actively participate in our society" - If this knowledge is one of the project results, the initiative has achieved its goal. Young people improve their communication skills, get the chance to immerse in the life of their peers from other cultures and question the challenges encountered.