This project aims at promoting equal opportunities for people with and without disabilities. The participants and the public will be sensibilized for better integration.
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17.02.2016 / 12 Uhr
Andrea Fleming Foto: Brit Berlin (ro. Schuh) u. Sophie Lameza;

The project GrenzenLOS (in english limitLESS) gives 30 young people with and without disabilities from France, Switzerland and Germany the opportunity to have an exchange in the three countries point. It may raise awareness on equality and diversity and give space to work with the media.


The international and integrative project motivates young people in various fields such as theater and photography so that they can discover and unfold their talents. Throughout the week, the youth document the project development with photography, text and video posted on social networks.

Towards the end of the exchange, the project results (such as photographs or Improtheater) and the experiences of the project get presented in a public event. The event aims to draw attention to the integration of young people in society and show the lasting positive project results.


The event will also draw attention to the situation of people with disabilities in poor countries and invite to donate for "differently abled people" in a township in South Africa.

The team of youth workers consist of professionals of international youth work and the work with disabled people that will strive to develop new networks and synergies of inclusive and international youth work.

Thanks for translation to Teresa Wald.


The project "Grenzenlos (limitLESS)" is sustained by: