Kick-Off Meeting MAREA

Partner representatives from Belgium, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Croatia and Germany met in Mannheim in February to jointly lay the groundwork for a joint education project that will benefit rural areas, organic farming and organic tourism.
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26.03.2020 / 16 Uhr
Starkmacher; Fotos: Carsten Huber

The MAREA project aims to strengthen rural actors by providing them with tools that enable them to pass on their knowledge to interested parties.
Through this project, the principle of the adult education centre is brought to rural regions. Those interested in learning can learn more about sustainability topics on site within the framework of eco-tourism offers and participate in sustainable processes themselves, for example in socio-ecological
agriculture or urban gardening.

Visit to the S-Hub Mannheim

In addition to the active work on the project content and organisation, the project meetings
also always offer the opportunity to show the partners the reality of life and work on site. In
Mannheim, the participants met with the local network partners in this area. Lilli Leirich and Carsten Hubert, for example, proudly presented the location and concept of the "S-Hub" - a newly opened start-up centre for students, employees, start-ups and freelancers with socially and culturally innovative ambitions.

Exchange in the distillery

In addition, the MAREA team visited Eva Gehr's home distillery. The
family distillery "Sponagel und Gehr" has a long tradition in this form,
but was revived by Eva Gehr only two years ago. Eva also works at the Freie Internationale Wanderschule für Biodynamische Agrarkultur e.V. (Free International Walking School for Biodynamic Agricultural Culture). which is a strategic partner in the MAREA project.

The next stage is the first practical training, for which the participants will meet in Italy.