NEST - Networking Europe Through Skills Transfer

For this project, several different educational and non-profit organisations came together to learn from each other about project management and coordination methods, innovative approaches in the social and socio-political sector and to build up and develop such projects. Eight partners from seven different countries will visit each other and learn through the sharing of thoughts, insights and examples of good practices.
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28.08.2017 / 17 Uhr

There will be six different sessions and the countries involved are: Italy, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal.

Around 20 representatives of the partners will learn together how to formulate their initial project ideas with the certain aims and methods, to request and find the necessary funds and to reflect and document the relevant project results in a professional way.

The goal of this project is, to make the employees of the partner organisations aware of the effectiveness, efficiency and visual benefits of such projects and initiatives, which they execute in the name of their organisations. They shall learn about the basics of project coordination and conceptualisation, innovative methods to organise meetings, seminars, and activities and to reflect and evaluate their own outcomes in a constructive and profitable way.

Thanks for translation to Andreas Schlenkrich.

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