Online project: Peacebuilding, media work and digitalisation

With the online project "Peacebuilding, Media Work and Digitalisation", youth and young adults have the opportunity to participate in an online exchange programme. In times of the Corona pandemic, we want to offer the opportunity to become active in an international context. The whole project will take place from July to December 2020. The participants' workshops will mainly take place in November.
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31.10.2020 / 22 Uhr
Farid Amrouche

Online activities

1. The first activity is a workshop series to create content outputs on specific topics. The outputs can be in the form of videos, reports, artistic results, podcasts, etc. The workshop is open to all participants. Six young people per organisation will participate. The cooperation is intended to strengthen intercultural competences and international togetherness.

2. The second activity will be an online discussion panel to talk about intercultural deradicalisation and prevention measures. Young people, youth workers and, where appropriate, experts who deal with the issue on a daily basis will be invited. The discussion will then be published as a video and podcast.

3. The third project will be the realisation of a Covid-19 book by telling several stories of people affected by Corona from different countries in the form of storytelling. This activity will be supported by youth workers from the respective organisations. Participants of the project will play the role of "interviewer".

Presentation of the results

The results of the activities and their outcomes will be published after the project series in the form of a social media campaign. The social media campaign will start in mid-December and will take place across all platforms of the participating organisations.

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We will work with 7 other partner organisations in this project and together we will organise various online activities that address political and social issues. The partner organisations are based in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Italy, Tunisia and Germany.