Peacebuilding, media work and digitalisation

In the second half of 2020, the online project "Peacebuilding, Media Work and Digitalization" funded by the German Federal Foreign Office took place. The project comprised various workshops and activities with a total of 50 participants and 25 youth workers from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy and Germany.
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The project - divided into three activities:

The first activity consisted of six different group workshops on different topics. The participants and youth workers could choose the groups based on the following topics:

1. sustainability and climate change activism

2. covid-19 - impact and differences in the Global North and Global South

3. privileges in social contexts

4. cultural importance of art in our countries

5. mental health issues through social media

6. impact of Covid-19 on education.

Afterwards, the different groups produced media outcomes on the topics listed above. The results are visible on our YouTube channel under the following playlist:

Panel discussion

The second activity, a panel discussion, was also published on our YouTube channel. It was about how social media influence the lives of the participants. The discussion was moderated by two youth workers from Tunisia and Morocco. A total of six different participants took part in the discussion.

The discussion can be seen here:

Creation of handbook

he third activity involved the creation of a handbook by collecting different stories from people affected by the Corona pandemic. These stories were collected and written down in the form of an interview by the participants of the partner organisers. The handbook can be read on the "ISSUU" platform at


The project involved cooperation with 6 other partner organisations. The partner organisations are Caritas Egypt from Egypt, Dar Si Hmad from Morocco, Non Dalla Guerra from Italy, Jesuit Cultural Center from Egypt, Akija e.V. from Germany and Africa Matters from Tunisia.

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Government support from Germany

The project was organised by Starkmacher e.V. in cooperation with 6 other organisations and financed and supported by funds from the German Foreign Office.