Project call Jordan 2018

These volunteering camps want to inspire and help to thing about refugees issues in a new way: through collaborative community development with Jordanian citizens and new arriving citizens hosted in the country. The solidarity experience is made possible by the warm hospitality of Caritas Jordan.
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29.01.2018 / 16 Uhr

Topic: Volunteering experience in direct contact with refugees in Jordan

Project period: 26th July to 25th August 2018

Place for the activity: Jordan

Target group: Young people from 18 years min. interested in experiences of direct contact with refugees and international collaboration on this issue.

Choose your camp:

1st group: 26th July - 10th August 2018

2nd group: 9th August - 25th August 2018

1st & 2nd group: 26th July - 25th August 2018

The Activities:

  • activities with Iraqi and Syrian children (refugees and locals): The participants (except Friday, Saturday and Sunday) will assist the teaching every day during the informal school projects (Summer School) that Caritas organizes in the parishes where there is annexed Caritas center.

  • Field visit: Visits to the Syrian families in the places where they are more established; visits within the parishes where Iraqi refugees are hosted.

  • Community relations: Even the hosting community lives in a difficult reality because of poverty and isolation. The project wants to build relationships with the community and the locals.

  • Sightseeing: We will organise touristic tours in the area and of the archaeological areas in Jordan like Jerash and Petra. We will visit the archaeological sites in the city of Amman. The tourist aspect is of significant importance as it represents one of the main sources of income of the country, now in sharp decline for the great political problems of its neighbourhood..

  • Group: A key aspect of the trip is the experience as a group of volunteers. There will be focus on it before, during and after the trip.

Think about fun and freetime activities you could offer to the children, English course could be one of it.

The Participants' selection

  • Due to limited places available (17 for each camp), we ask you to fill the form and will selct among candidates

  • once you have filled the form you will be contacted for an interview via Skype

Requested conditions:

  • knowledge of English

  • knowing the geopolitical situation

  • high capacity of adaptation

  • being open for cultural differences

  • good health

Participation cost & fee:

participation fee will be covered by participant

  • Visa cost: almost 90,00 € : if you are choosen: please apply for the Jordan Visa (Jordan Pass:

  • Insurance, Accommodation, participation fee, association subscription, T-shirt: 360,00 €

  • For food and local transportation: we calculate 25 € per day, in total 375 € to bring with you in cash

  • Flight: between 300 / 500 €; the organisation will manage a group ticket from Germany; departure Airport is Frankfurt; Non German participants will book their own flight according to the scheduled travel dates.

  • Extra activities, such as tourism, like: two days in Wadi Rum, Petra or sightseeing to museums, cities or day at the Dead Sea are to be considered personal extra costs (we estimate ca. 150 € )

Deadline for application: 15th March 2018

Contact person:

Giovanni Zambon



Our partners for this project:

  • Non Dalla Guerra (ITA)

  • Starkmacher e.V.

  • Caritas Jordan

  • Non Dalla Guerra Spain

  • Non Dalla Guerra Catalunya