The initiative Sports4Peace in Mannheim and Heidelberg wants to contribute to international understanding through numerous sports activities with young newcomers. The aim is also to connect refugees with young people from the region to provide a platform with natural encounters.
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24.02.2016 / 16 Uhr

The group of participants consists of 24 people that learns about different sports and cultural backgrounds during the six months. The basic principle for the project work is to do educational games which are based on six fundamental rules.

Project based on the "golden rule" and Heidelberger skills training

In order to enable a tolerant and fair play, the "golden rule" is introduced as a fundamental ritual (What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself !). In addition, the young people get to know the "Heidelberger skills training (HKT)", a system of exercises to acquire mental strength. The mental training aims to give appropriate mental strategies to people of all ages and backgrounds so that they can achieve self-defined goals and target their personal potential consciously.

Excursions and meetings with professionals

Sport excursions (adventure park, climbing forest, rafting and canoeing) are planned regularly to enhance the team building and exposure to new sports. In addition, meetings and exchanges with athletes of the olympic base in Heidelberg may broaden their horizon and enable them to reflect on important topics to be communicated on eye level.


Since 2005, every year thousands of children and young people plan a relay race around the globe. They run, bike, paddle a canoe or go on-line skaters. The course traverses all time zones with a symbolic baton handover via Internet connections. The launch is in New Zealand and goes all the way around until the final season is handed over to the west coast of America. At the diverse events, the young citizens pass symbolic places for peace and international understanding: In Jerusalem along the sacred sites of the world's great religions, in Japan through Nagasaki past the felling site of the atomic bomb ... At the same time, the kilometers are sponsored and the money comes in children less developed regions of the world benefit.

Also Sports4Peace took part in the global relay on the 8th of May in Heidelberg. Current updates and the results of the event are on the Facebook-Page.

The event is an initiative of the Focolare Movement and Starkmacher eV, which was implemented in cooperation with many other initiatives refugee work: Sweet Home, Chancen Gestalten, Über den Tellerrand kochen, Weltliga, Each1Teach1, Raumfänger.


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