Strong at the start

After seven years of successful commitment in the project StarkmacherSchule (Strong without Violence), students of University of Education Heidelberg decided to continue and deepen some elements of the musical project “Streetlight”.
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24.02.2016 / 16 Uhr

“Heidelberger Kompetenztraining” (Heidelberg Competence Training, short: HKT)

The concept of Stark am Start incorporates the experiences from the musical “Streetlight” and the Heidelberger Kompetenztraining. The latter is a mental workout that seeks to impart applicable mental strategies and competences to every person of every age group and different levels of education. This is done so that participants are able to achieve self-defined goals and persue their personal potential purposefully and consciously.

The focus of this initiative is to give schools a qualification and confidence to view themselves as “StarkmacherSchule” (corresponding meaning: a school that strengthens someone) by the educational and pedagogical approach of this project.

Empowering schools by orchestrating the Musical

Also in the follow-up project of StarkmacherSchule, kids and young people will be empowered to know their strengths and supported in their self-esteem thereby encouraging them to an active and creative contribution to society. During this process the students will rehearse the musical and perform in front of an audience after a project week. They will learn to be respectful towards each other, to experience team work and comprehend the power of empathy.

Preparation for professional path

With this initiative, young people will prepare themselves for society’s expectation in a safe environment and in the same way can discover their own strengths; this can be done by using the mental workout of the University of Education and using their resources to focus on a specific goal at a go.

Network with education and social deprived groups

This project is in a special way qualified to integrate groups that are deprived in the context of education and social integration, e.g. young refugees. So the project “Stark am Start – Streetlight 2.0” also stands for the possibilities and challenges of practical inclusion.