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The entrepreneurial meeting of the international initiative „Economy of Communion“ in May earlier this year really initiated a powerful boost for the German community. As one of the hosts, the Starkmacher actively helped to organize and shape the meeting.
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10.10.2017 / 18 Uhr
Starkmacher, Fotos: Ursel Haaf

“My wish for the future? I wish for meetings like this to happen on a regular basis – at least four times a year!” one of the participants recaps after the workshop “Economy of Communion” in Mannheim, Germany in May.
Close to thirty entrepreneurs and managers from different parts of Germany gathered in Mannheim to visit the newly founded “Co-working Space”. The group also got to know four young entrepreneurial and educational projects and learned about their respective challenges and achievements.
Alongside with Café Agáta, the engineering firm New Engineering and the Röser-Zillekens Ltd which sells indoor and outdoor decoration and consumer goods, the Starkmacher was one of the hosts and offered support regarding international networking and training courses. „I am really impressed by the competence that I’ve seen here and I learned a lot about the potential of online-marketing. You and your projects are really in tune with current trends” Theo Naarmann from Neuenkirchen concluded following the visits and conversations that were scheduled in the morning. For several years he has been in contact with other entrepreneurs and promotes a solidary and sustainable way of doing business according to the “Economy of Communion”. He recently handed his dairy farm over to his sons and is fascinated by young people that with good ideas and technical expertise dare making the step into independence. He gladly offers advice and encouragement wherever they are needed. Rüdiger Otto, a building contractor from Leverkusen, pays tribute to the young entrepreneurs as well: “I witness a high degree of composure and easiness.”
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Thank for translation to Martin Parlasca