Start4change - promoting entrepreneurial learning and action

The project "Start4Change" brings together different actors of youth work and entrepreneurship from the 6 partner countries (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium and Poland) to develop new perspectives for forms of cooperation for entrepreneurship and thus enable the young generations to have a perspective on the labour market.
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16.07.2019 / 22 Uhr
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Building effective partnership

In this project, the six participating organisations want to build an actionable partnership within three years in order to find common answers to the question of how they can support young people in experiencing their self-efficacy and actively participating in society through peer learning, i.e. cooperative learning in a combination of knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences. All partners bring experience in the context of training and further education of young people in entrepreneurial thinking and action.

Implement the European Youth Strategy

The priorities of the European Youth Strategy call on youth work actors to promote solidarity and motivate young people to take social responsibility for society. With the topic of "social entrepreneurship", which is a focal point in this project, equal access to the labour market is furthermore covered as another aspect of the youth strategy. It is the task of youth work to make the knowledge about the opportunities and risks of entrepreneurial action accessible to as many young people as possible, regardless of their social or geographical background.

Planned activities

Young people from all six countries are to be trained in how they can start and build up a business themselves, what opportunities and possibilities this brings, but also what risks are involved. The project partners are planning five international project meetings and three international trainings for 72 youth workers in two years to develop collegially and work on this challenge of access for all young people to this important topic.

Focus on "green professions"

One focus within the entrepreneurship framework will be "green" professions in particular, and here too some partners bring special expertise. The green sector offers great opportunities for business creation, especially in the disadvantaged, rural regions of Europe, which will be strengthened in this targeted way.

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