…talking about a lost generation? This project doesn’t know about a “lost generation” but a strong future of young citizens living for a sustainable world. StartUpcycling doesn’t know “lost waste” but rich resources and used products that have high potential for being reused in an attractive way. That’s basically the background of the international project StartUpcycling. Its aim is to explore new ways of waste reduction and upcycling methods. At the same time, we want to connect this topic with innovative measures of young entrepreneurship – we want to enhance an exchange of start ups with new upcycling ideas!
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05.12.2016 / 18 Uhr
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The challenges: growing waste and youth unemployment

The project StartUpcycling responds to two major challenges which are prevalent not only in many European countries but in countries all over the world: growing waste and youth unemployment. Waste is the result of non-sustainable modes of production and consumption. The society is now forced to find new ways to combat wasting, climate change, and further consequences of non-ecological living. In this context, upcycling (reuse of an object in a new way without degrading the material it is made from) has become a simple and innovative concept in the area of waste management.

Second, youth unemployment is an acute problem both in developed and developing countries and constitutes the predominant reason for social exclusion and poverty. It leads to resignation, frustration and sometimes even aggression.

Promote creative ideas and networking

Six partner organizations in seven different countries will provide youngsters with examples and a review of upcycling measures and social businesses, international contacts in the field and guide them how to set up a new green business.

The consortium was set up to promote exchange good practice in the field of youth unemployment and upcycling. The established network will help to create new alliances among needy people, social workers, business managers and organisations on national and even international level.

Project steps

The project comprises four main activity clusters:
1. Research on waste reduction and building relationships with local youth: 
The research will include findings of innovative ideas and already existing businesses in the field of upcycling. The results of this part will be combined in a brochure on good practice upcycling.

2. The enhancement of skills and competencies of youth worker in the field of upcycling and youth entrepreneurship within the framework of three international exchanges to South Africa, India and Germany.

3. The development of innovative upcycling products at national level with active involvement of youth, many with few opportunities and/or hit or threatened by unemployment.

4. The creation of networks and information for entrepreneurial training and business opportunities. It will include the development of material for an eLearning course offered for youth and a new platform with contacts of entrepreneurial tutors and sale opportunities.

This project is funded by Erasmus+-program "Capacity Building for Youth"