In March, young people from different parts of the world came together in South Africa for the last phase of the project "StartUpcycling" - an initiative on job opportunities for young people in the field of environmental protection, upcycling and sustainability.
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15.04.2018 / 16 Uhr

The third partner meeting also served to work on the concept and implementation of the "StartUpcycling eCourse" which will be published in a few weeks.

The representatives of the seven partners from Brazil, Europe, India and South Africa, came together in Muizenberg, a beautiful beach-side suburb of Cape Town. Not far from the southern tip of Africa, discussions, meetings and initiatives focused on the growing problem of garbage and increasing inequality among young people. The international NGOs see great potential in upcycling and related technologies and methods to also develop job opportunities and thus to improve the chances of young people. The experiences and many stories show that it can create green start-ups and new social business models worldwide.

The involved youth workers and experts from more than ten nations show these potentials in the jointly developed eCourse. The Facebook campaign for the eCourse has already begun in order to promote the course.


Cooperation with locals

Cape Town offers a colourful scene, especially looking at start-up experiences in the field of upcycling. Here is where the idea of the project is grown three years ago. At the final meeting, participants also exchanged further innovative examples of upcycling as a solution to resource waste. In addition, participants organized a large garbage clean up with locals to support the Global Recycling Day, which was held for the first time on March 18th this year.

The seminar location "The Hive" attracted many people for the joint exhibition of upcycling products: upcycling artists and guests from all over Cape Town came to see the event and products.

Here is an article of the local newspaper.

Educating youth worldwide through the free eCourse

During the meeting at “The Hive”, the partners worked on the final structure of the eCourse. The course introduces topics such as the different types of waste, job opportunites with upcycling and guidelines for social green enterprises. Starting May 15, 2018, students can learn about upcycling in general through the course in English and get impulses for entrepreneurial perspectives in this area. In the first month, it will be possible to contact experts for each chapter of the eCourse.

For the eCourse you can already register here on the project website. Questions and direct contact are possible via startupcycling@gmail.com.


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