This project is a continuation of the projects "GrenzenLos!" and "Viel,halt". It aims to enable and strengthen intercultural exchange between people with/without a refugee background, with/without a disability, German/French, and to promote the social skills of the participants through daily living together (with self-sufficiency).
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27.02.2018 / 19 Uhr


21 young people from Germany, France and Switzerland are coming together to explore the themes of sustainability, environmental protection and self-sufficiency. For this purpose, various scientific animations will be prepared and several workshops on zero waste, theatre and art will be organised. The meeting will be crowned by a joint final event in Ortenau, which will be organised and designed by the young people.

360° Dialogue

The many dynamics of this project concern different topics: The intercultural dialogue between different nations, the coexistence of people with and without disabilities, integration with people who have experienced flight. These dynamics are to find a diverse form of expression with creative offers and also reach the public in a small final event.

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