"Vukuzenzele" is a multiplier project in and around Muizenberg (Cape Town/South Africa) with a strong focus on community building and social justice. The word means "wake up and do it yourself!” (Xhosa). The aim is to use training and empowerment methods to impart important skills that enable young adults to become actively involved for themselves and for the community.
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27.02.2020 / 15 Uhr
Starkmacher; Fotos: Theresa Wigley

Workshops for multipliers

From February to December 2020, the project includes workshops for 8 multipliers in the fields of project management, communication, group leadership and the so-called "participatory video approach". In the second half of the year, the participants will share their know-how in an exchange with a group from Xolobeni (Eastern Cape), which has been strongly oppressed by the mining industry and has been successfully fighting for the preservation of its homeland. In this way, all participants will learn valuable perspectives, new languages and the necessity of the commitment to human rights. The multiplier programme will then be continued and used as the basis for a long-term multiplier programme.

Dealing with conflicts by working with video-making

The central element will be the "Participatory Video", a solution-oriented methodology that uses video-making as a tool to identify and cope with conflicts and challenges from the daily lives of participants and whole communities.

Target group and methodology

The participants are between 18 and 30 years old and come from disadvantaged backgrounds. They may experience unemployment, drug abuse by their parents, crime and poverty. Often, they have no access to education and money and are generally not supported. Many young people have dropped out of school, others have finished school, but too often the quality of education is so poor that it does not enable them to make any further progress. There is an urgent need for free or affordable access to knowledge databases, resources, support for self-directed learning, mentoring and contact with role models, networks and market places. With a focus on communication, the project aims to provide tools that will enable participants to take new paths in a strengthened and confident manner after the project is over.

Expand partnerships

The South African project partner is Amava Oluntu, that has already been involved in other projects (YoUbuntu, StartUpcycling). Amava Oluntu is a growing organisation that is well linked with other networks and organisations locally in the field of educational work for sustainable living, in the empowerment of young people and in strengthening education and socio-ecological commitment.

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