Youbuntu 2020

The project YoUbuntu now goes into the second round. With “YoUbuntu 2020”, young people have again the opportunity to participate in a German-South African exchange. In the international meetings, the participants get trained to become multipliers of sustainable ways of life. They are coached in social, sustainable and entrepreneurial skills. The programme will be implemented from March to December 2020 in Mannheim and Cape Town with 8 participants each.
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03.03.2020 / 17 Uhr

Focus on SDG 8

This project focuses on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with a focus on the eighth goal: the promotion of decent jobs and economic growth and green entrepreneurship. How do I contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable world while creating economic opportunities, both for myself and for my wider community?

South Africa's Ubuntu philosophy ("I am because we are") is the link in all local and international actions and thus the project represents a true global friendship.

Project acitivities and objectives

The project includes 10 meetings at local level in the national groups. In between, the two groups meet for two weeks each in Mannheim (June 2020) and in Cape Town (October 2020). The different project phases include excursions, the production of working materials and individual research and project planning.
The project may create jobs on the long-term perspective and thus contributes to economic growth. Entrepreneurial learning and methods that trigger creative thinking and problem solving will support the idea of self-employment, which is in high demand in both countries. On this basis, participants are supported to find a job that matches their talents, resources and potential.

Project call

Who wants to participate in the project may find here >> the most important information.

Supported by:

The German youth program „weltwärts-Begegnungen“ and by the German Ministery of economical collaboration and development and their initiative ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL