„YoUbuntu "aims at informing 18 young people from Berlin and Cape Town about global development, to promote a global community based on the Ubuntu philosophy and to train multipliers of sustainable ways of life. In two meetings, they will talk about the "Sustainable Development Goals", learn about future-oriented approaches and explore innovative examples of green entrepreneurship. They are coached in social, sustainable and entrepreneurial skills and develop their own ideas on the topic, which they implement locally.
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19.02.2018 / 17 Uhr

Training and Awareness

Young people are indispensable actors when it comes to shaping the future and transformation. They need to be integrated into the youth field through genuine participation and participation in ESD. Only in this way can new actions unfold with the participation of all. The project gives young people the opportunity to be coached in social, sustainable and entrepreneurial aspects. They develop and develop their own idea or project, e.g. for a startup or a communal social project. The new "Change Agents" will be recognized at the end of the week with a "YoUbuntu" certificate.

Employability in the green area

When you think about the future, there is no way around sustainability and the environment. These topics should also be considered in the career choice. Especially when we talk about global relationships, we should discuss new solutions and proposals for action in order to set in motion sustainable change for climate protection. Therefore, not only are social ideas being promoted, but also environmental approaches and green entrepreneurship.

Local and international exchange

Starting in February, the participating young people meet at a local level and exchange relevant sustainability topics in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. In between there are also meet-ups with the partner group from the other country via Skype and videos.

In May and August there will be gatherings in Berlin and Capetown for two weeks each. It will be a colourful program with theoretical input regarding green entreprneurship und Sustainable Development Goals, as well as trips and visits to interesting initiatives.

Project News "YoUbuntu":

This project is supported by Engagement Global gGmbH with support from BMZ