Training for "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDG) in Berlin

16 young adults from Germany and South Africa came together in Berlin from 23.8. until 6.9.2018. It was the second meeting of the project "YoUbuntu", that trains young multipliers in the field of sustainability and youth entrepreneurship.
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05.12.2018 / 12 Uhr

The group visited an incinerator of the BSR in Ruhleben, experienced a guided tour of a Permakulturgarten the Café Botanico in the middle of Berlin and designed a survival weekend on Lake Tegel. In addition, the participants were guests in the German Parliament visiting the Green party member Franziska Brantner. One of the highlights was the participation in the release of the music activist Roger de Nijs, who produces music through plastic waste percussion sounds and engages strongly in the fight against waste.

It was all about learning by doing. The project participants provided themselves with the utmost effort to minimize consumption and deepened their know-how related to the environment and climate justice. They took home a lot of new inspirations and ideas for an ecologically sustainable life in the everyday life.

At a public closing event, the project participants were able to demonstrate their creativity and competence as a knowledge-based and environmentally conscious group: the most interesting results of the project were presented under the title "Eco-House Party". Besides the video production "Imagine, there's no plastic" there was a talk about sharing economy and a rap on composting.

Now, it is about implementing the many impulses in the own everyday life and in projects in the home region. Together, the young people are working on a book with recipes, instructions and tips for sustainability. In November, it will be presented to the public in Berlin.

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