Yourope matters - Influencer for Europe

Six partners from five European countries have joined forces to develop a training concept to train young people to become influencers for European values. The organisations are putting together modules and materials for a pilot training course, testing this training course and then producing a manual to multiply this training.
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04.12.2019 / 12 Uhr
Starkmacher, Fotos: Andrea Fleming, Mathias Kaps

Use media offensively

The six partners from Italy, Germany, Macedonia, France and Poland want to pick up on a current trend among young people and use it for the European cause: "Becoming an influencer" is high on the career wish list of many young people, and it is not only the beckoning quick money that is at the top of the list. It is about self-efficacy and being a role model, and it is precisely this need that the project "Youope matters" addresses. It wants to give youths and young adults the tools, the methods, the technical know-how, but above all a meaningful motivation to become ambassadors for European values in social media.

Media training as a pilot project

The first phase of the project served to identify elements that this media training should contain: what prerequisites do young people bring with them, who should be motivated in the first place, at what technical level does the project work - these basic questions were clarified first.

Then each partner contributed know-how and experts in order to be able to design a first test training. For this, almost 30 participants representing all partners came together in Mannheim in October 2019.

Virtual platform for influencer campaign

The next step in the project is the production of short clips, which are to be created in each country in a second phase, following the model from the media training. These clips will be made available to the public on a specially designed virtual platform and, in the best case, will have their own virulent effect and promote imitation.

Recommended for imitation

The material, the experiences, the practical examples and the national and regional implementations are then to be compiled in a digital handbook and made available to a broad public, because the initiators hope for many imitators.

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