Influcencers for Europe

Six partners from five European countries have joined forces to develop a training concept to train young people to become influencers for European values. In Mannheim they met for a test training for future Youtuber and Instagramer.
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01.01.1970 / 01 Uhr
Starkmacher, Fotos: Andrea Fleming und Mathias Kaps

Target group and motivation

The media training of the project "YouropeMatters" serves to test modules that can serve as a template or at least inspiration for a future implementation in different countries. The first thing to do was to describe who is the focus of this project and how the target group can be reached and motivated to get involved in European values as influencers.

Experts share their know how and give practical example

Thilo Buchholz has produced successful clips himself, now works for the EU in Brussels and showed successful and less successful examples of the promotion of European core values. Antje Weiss as a speech coach gave an insight into the basics of good speech and the purposeful use of voice, breathing and resonance spaces. And Tobias Greber, co-founder of the production company 18frames, introduced the technical use and basics of professional filming.

Learning by doing

An important element of the training was the production of small clips, for which the participants divided into small internationally mixed working groups. Each group selected one of the European core values and creatively implemented the theme in small films, which were then analysed together.

Official GO for mass production

Even the media professionals enjoyed the colourful international work and the results now serve as "appetizers" to motivate others to join in and continue."It is now a question of each partner in their own country motivating as many young people as possible to work with the modules developed and to create their own clips," says project initiator Mathias Kaps. The next step is the development of a virtual platform where these clips can be uploaded and distributed virtually and, in parallel, the creation of a handbook for imitators.